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Business Profile Listings

TakeMe2 offers local businesses enhanced profile listings that provide greater communication and more opportunity to engage your customers in your brand experience. We provide you with greater functionality and more informational space to create quality content that engages consumers and drives increased awareness and purchase intent.


TakeMe2 offers three kinds of Business profiles; Basic, Enhanced and Premium listings.


Basic Business Profile Listing

The Basic business profile offers a brief overview or summation of your business. The Basic business profile provides the most common information generally requested by travelers for vacation planning purposes. The information presented here includes a basic business description, contact information, price range, map location, booking link, links to customer reviews, featured amenities, a thumbnail photo, and the business website link. Basic profiles are like library index cards; they are presented alphabetically and are designed to help potential customers quickly scan notable information about your particular service or business by providing them with an easy-to-grasp overview of your business' most important features.


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Premium Business Profile Listing

The Premium business profile offers the most detailed and descriptive business profile. The Premium business profile is like a mini-website with in-depth information about your business' attributes, including services, accommodations, products, rates, features, amenities, pictures, location, polices, and contact information that are presented as a tabbed summary of your business' important features and services all on one single web page. The Premium profile is designed to help poential customers research your business information and services by providing them with the kind of quality information they need in order to make the right decisions when planning their trip, making a reservation, or purchasing a particular service. Users exposed to a Premium business profile typically convert at a higher rate because this type of business listing provides the most usable and relevant information for consumers. There are 2 versions of this ad – flat and tabbed.


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Get Your Basic Business Profile Listing Free!

Yes, Free!

We are offering a unique incentive that truly promotes the value we place on our business relationship with our clients. Clients who link to our TakeMe2 travel guide(s) from their website will receive the Basic Business profile listing for free for as long as the link remains in place on their website. This is a $200 dollar freebie per year. No other online travel website offers this type of marketing incentive.

How can we do this?

It is a business partnering relationship. TakeMe2 Camden captures thousands of visitors to our online travel website each month. These visitors trust our local travel planning resources, which translates to qualified leads for your business when they click to view your site. If you provide a contextual link back to our travel guide, it further increases our authority as a respected local travel resource and the likelihood that our travel site will continue to rank well in search results. After all, if you work with us to help drive relevant traffic then this will only help our efforts to provide the best vacation planning guide, thus capturing even more quality traffic, which in turn, increases the likelihood of more qualified leads to your website and the potential for greater sales.


TakeMe2 will suggest appropriate link text and location on the client site. Links must be accessible to site visitors but we do not intend for the link to be overly flashy or take away from the reason the visitor is on your site. We only ask that the contextual link stay in place, unaltered, during the entire time period for which the discount applies.


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